The first ever creator space in Sri Lanka.
A state of the art studio of over 20,000 square feet
with the latest equipment that can be used freely
by IdeaHell members to create quality content,
edit and upload. A melting pot of talent,
creativity and pure kick-ass content.
Have an idea?
Can create content others would love to see?
Give us a ring!
Our Services
• We provide all the camera/lights/equipment
• We have a modular set system where creators can easily change the backdrop,
lighting, furniture to create 100s of unique environments.
• Membership is given free of charge and we initially will monetize their videos
• There are a plethora of creators ranging from musicians, chefs,
VFX artists, videographers, comedians, magicians, tech-geeks,
social experimenters, graffiti artists etc;
Our Photos

Photo Gallery

This is our gallery where we show photos of our studio, our people as well as our production process. Have a look and you will better understand us